Thank you for your interest in being a part of NFTY-SAR’s expanded leadership opportunities! We are eager to work with as many SARites as possible on a regional level. As a leader in our community, it is expected that every applicant will engage actively in social media campaigns, serve as a role model in our community, and make NFTY a top priority. You MUST take the time to speak with your parents and TYG advisor, and will need to initial at the bottom indicating that you've done so. Here is a summary of the positions for which you can apply. Click here to read the full position descriptions! Applications are due by June 5th.

Head Groupleader

NFTY-SAR’s two Co-Head Groupleaders assist the PVP and Regional Board in recruiting, training, assigning, and coordinating group-leaders.

Environmental Chair

The Environmental Chair(s) will assist the SAVP in making NFTY-SAR more eco-friendly.

Camp Jenny Fundraising Chair

The Camp Jenny Fundraising Chair(s) will assist TYGs in planning and executing fundraisers for Camp Jenny, and will also work with the SAVP to create CJ fundraisers at regional events.

Israel Chair

The Israel Chair(s) will assist the RCVP in updating the region on Israeli news and encouraging all SARites to be more engaged with Israel.

Ritual Chair

The Ritual Chair(s) will assist the RCVP in organizing prayer leaders.

678 Chair

The 678 Chair(s) will assist the MVP in creating NFTY programming for middle schoolers.

Big/Little Chair

The Big/Little Chair(s) will  assist the MVP in planning and organizing the Big/Little program.

Merchandise Chair

The Merchandise Chair(s) will assist CVP in making merch for NFTY-SAR, event t-shirts, etc.

Website Chair

The Website chair(s) will work with the CVP to improve NFTY-SAR’s website and to keep it up-to-date.

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