NFTY Convention 2019

NFTY Convention is the ultimate NFTY event.


SCHOLARSHIPS: Apply for a scholarship by clicking here. NFTY-SAR will share your application with your congregation and work together with your rabbi or youth director to determine how much scholarship is available for you.

TRAVEL: NFTY-SAR doesn't coordinate travel for Convention, but we are happy to help you find a flight that other SARites will also be on. Here's a list of flights that teens from our region have already booked:

Departure City Arrival City Airline Flight # to Convention (Friday) Flight # home (Monday)
Atlanta Dallas Love Southwest 27 352
Atlanta DFW Delta 2418 2458
Atlanta DFW Delta 2325 2393
Charlotte DFW American 562 1979
Charlotte DFW American 562 1834


For travel parameters, please visit:

NFTY Convention 2019 will be unlike any before it. This year, we're saying goodbye to the "conventional" way of doing things (see what we did there?).

Every program, guest speaker, social justice opportunity, and performance will be designed, curated, and created by teens, for teens.

And we’re not stopping there — NFTY Convention 2019 will be 100% customizable. You’ll be able to pick exactly which sessions you're in (or not in). Everything you want, nothing you don't – plus tacos (it is Texas).

Book your travel now so you can register right when #NFTYConventionregistration opens! Get all the details at

Early Access Registration opens October 23: If you’ve registered for a URJ Youth program this year such as a NFTY event, camp, Heller High, or a teen summer program for the 2018-19 year, you get exclusive pre-sale! Lock in your spot before they’re all gone!

Regular Registration opens October 30: Ready, set, go! Anyone who wants to register can do so starting on this date.

Early Bird Discount ends on November 19: Register early to get a discounted price and reserve your spot!

Registration closes on January 8: Don’t miss out – it’s your last chance to guarantee a spot at this year’s ultimate NFTY event.