Regional Board Elections Information

At Winter Kallah, NFTY-SAR will elect its 2020-2021 Regional Board. Platform sheets and speech recordings are below!

Name Position Platform Sheet Speech Optional Supplement
Abby Limor President Abby's Platform Sheet Abby's Speech
Annabelle Maltsbarger President Annnabelle's Platform Sheet Annabelle's Speech Annnabelle's Supplemental
Lily Shinn Programming Vice President Lily's Platform Sheet Lily's Speech Lily's Supplemental
David Fahrer Social Action Vice President David's Platform Sheet David's Speech
Gabby Perales Social Action Vice President Gabby's Platform Sheet Gabby's Speech Gabby's Supplemental
Ben Ragals Social Action Vice President Ben's Platform Sheet Ben's Speech Ben's Supplemental
Noah DeYoung Religious & Cultural Vice President Noah's Platform Sheet Noah's Speech
Kiera Schneiderman Religious & Cultural Vice President Kiera's Platform Sheet Kiera's Speech Kiera's Supplemental
Jack Feldman Membership Vice President Jack's Platform Sheet Jack's Speech
Lily Ragals Membership Vice President Lily's Platform Sheet Lily's Speech Lily's Supplemental
Sydney Abeshaus Communications Vice President Sydney's Platform Sheet Sydney's Speech Sydney's Supplemental Video
Isabella Deckner-Glick Communications Vice President Isabella's Platform Sheet Isabella's Speech Isabella's Supplemental Video

Regional Board Election Information

Interested in running for NFTY-SAR Regional Board?

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