Platform Sheet Guidelines

Your Platform Sheet gives the region a chance to learn more about you and your ideas to strengthen SAR. Please answer the questions listed below. Your answers should be clear and concise, but otherwise the formatting is up to your own creativity and style: remember, you want the region to read and understand your responses! You will also have time to elaborate on any ideas in your speech. Your platform sheet must be just one piece of paper (you can use both sides), You do not need to repeat the questions in your answers, so long as we can tell which question you are responding to. Your platform sheet will be shared with the region in advance of elections, so if there is any information you would like kept confidential until your speech, do not include it in your answers. It will also be available during caucus time.

Guidelines: Please submit your platform sheet as a PDF document, no more than 2 pages (it will be printed as one piece of paper, front and back). Position sheets will be published on the SAR website in color, but will be printed in black and white for caucus time. You can structure your sheet however you like, but make sure it includes your name and the position you are running for. Check the right side of this webpage for links to a couple of samples. When emailing your platform sheet to, please name the file Position-CandidateName-PlatformSheet.pdf.

Questions to answer in your Platform Sheet

There are 4 questions for all candidates to answer, and 2-3 questions related specifically to your position.

For all candidates:

    • Why are you running for Regional Board? What experience do you have that you think qualifies you to be a Regional Board member?
    • If you could only change ONE thing about NFTY-SAR during your term, what would it be?
    • What are your ideas to strengthen the region outside of our weekend regional events?
    • Everyone on Regional Board works as a unit before working in individual positions, making big decisions as a team. How will you work as part of a team to collaborate in planning events?


    • As Jews, our religion and customs have survived thousands of years, yet as NFTYites, we strive to create new ways to engage Jewish teens. How would you balance tradition and innovation?
    • The Regional President builds bridges between different groups and levels within and outside of NFTY-SAR. What connections do you hope to create and how do you plan to do so?
    • As the Regional President, you are expected work alongside the Regional Adviser and the Regional Board. How will you utilize teen- adult partnership in board interactions?

Programming Vice President

    • What is your favorite part of NFTY-SAR programming? What would you like to improve?
    • What makes programs worthwhile considering how little time we have together as a region throughout the year?  How do you plan to ensure SAR’s programs leave impacts beyond memories of one(ish)-hour activities?

Social Action Vice President

    • How do you plan to strengthen SAR’s participation in Camp Jenny?
    • How do you plan to offer social action programs that are inclusive to multiple points of view?
    • How do you plan to incorporate Social Action into NFTY outside of regional kallot?

Religious & Cultural Vice President

    • How do you plan to engage participants in services, while still upholding our traditions?
    • What are three things you look for in a successful service?
    • How do you intend to include Jewish culture and Israel into aspects of a kallot other than services?

Membership Vice President

    • How do you plan to make sure all members feel included during events?
    • What plans do you have to use cabinet/expanded leadership positions to strengthen SAR's membership?
    • How do you plan to improve and expand NFTY678?

Communications Vice President

    • What are your ideas to improve the process of motivating photographers, receiving their photos, and having a quick turnaround for posting?
    • What is NFTY-SAR’s brand? How will you work to further that and sell it to the region?
    • How can you use social media to create a more engaging network?