Dear Candidates and Families,

This webpage describes the benefits and responsibilities of each position on the NFTY Southern Area Region’s Regional Board. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY!

Regional Board Positions

Tasked with creating and running programs, as well as publicity and marketing, helping TYG’s with event planning, and overseeing each of their respective networks, the NFTY-SAR Regional Board is comprised of 6 positions: President, Programming VP, Social Action VP, Religious and Cultural VP, Membership VP and Communications VP. All Regional Board positions will be held by one person. Each board member plays a very important role in the operation and future of our region and it's important to understand the full nature of these positions.

Please review the description of each position, as defined in the NFTY-SAR constitution, and the responsibilities of  each. If you have any questions about the role each position plays or want further description, please do not hesitate to ask the current Regional Board member holding that position.

Deciding to Run for Regional Board

It is important that you discuss this decision as a family.  Making the decision to run for regional office is easy for some and requires a great deal of consideration for others.  Regional Board is not for everyone.  It asks for a great deal of time management, prioritization and sacrifices.  Some students find it difficult to keep up with sports, theater and other extracurricular activities while serving in a regional position.  It is very important to us, and the region, that you fully understand the scope of responsibilities before you run for office.  We hope that serving on regional board will offer a great opportunity to learn time management skills as you balance homework, NFTY and typical teenage activities.  Family and school must always be your first priorities. By running for the NFTY-SAR Regional Board, you are making a commitment that NFTY will be your primary extra-curricular. Failure to attend events, participate in board meetings, and/or an overall neglect of your responsibilities may be grounds for impeachment. The time and financial commitments are outlined below.  The candidacy process also requires that each candidate meet with both their Rabbi and Temple Youth Group Advisor.  These mentors can help you understand everything that is required of you as a Regional Board member and help you decide if this position is right for you.  If you do not belong to a congregation, or do not have a youth group advisor, please be in touch with the Regional Advisor. And, as always, please feel free to contact us with any questions along the way.

Now we don’t want to scare you…Regional Board can and should be a very rewarding and educational experience!  Regional Board alumni walk away with a broad array of skills and enjoy major successes and accomplishments throughout the year as they lead the region to do great things. Regional Board alumni have gone on to hold leadership positions in college and are successful in a variety of professional fields – you will be part of a network of leaders and professionals that support each other beyond high school. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance leadership, time management, and communication skills as well as experience NFTY at a whole new level. We commend everyone who is taking the challenge and running for a Regional Board position!

Participation Requirements

Throughout the year, Regional Board members will be expected to participate in the following:

  • All 4 regional events for high schoolers, occasionally arriving one day early
  • Hatikvah Kallah, our middle school event, arriving one day early
  • Board conference calls (usually every other week, sometimes more often)
  • Regional Board Retreats – Exact dates TBD - Summer will likely be sometime during the first week of June, and Winter will likely be in December
  • Mechina (North American Regional Boards Meeting) at a URJ camp (June 2020, exact dates TBD)
  • NFTY Convention/Veida (President's Day Weekend, TBD, this is required for President, optional for everyone else)
  • Monthly training calls/webinars prior to your term beginning (February-May, 2019)

There are some financial responsibilities included in this position also:

  • As part of Regional Board, you are expected to attend every regional event. This includes the following: Liz Leadership Training Institute (LLTI), Fall Kallah, Winter Regional, Hatikvah Kallah, and Spring Kallah.
  • Each Regional Board member is expected to register on time and submit all forms for all events.  Regional Board members are eligible for scholarship to each NFTY-SAR event, provided they register on time and meet all deadlines along the way.  Missed deadlines for programs or late applications will mean paying full price for an event!
  • As a Regional Board member, you are also required to attend Mechina (The North American Leadership Institute) which is held at a URJ Camp in June. The second North American board meeting (which you will be strongly encouraged – but not required – to attend) will be held over President’s Day weekend as part of NFTY Convention.  NFTY-SAR will do its very best to help subsidize the cost of these events.
  • At some time throughout the year, Regional Board members may be asked to pay for supplies or other expenses and then be reimbursed for that money.  These purchases must be pre-approved in writing and the receipt must be saved.


According to NFTY-SAR's Constitution, “NFTY-SAR officers and candidates must have attended at least two NFTY-SAR events and have some TYG involvement.” In running for NFTY-SAR’s Regional Board, you are publicly declaring that you satisfy the functional qualifications of your position.  However, you are also accepting the responsibilities that come with being a role model selected by your peers.  This is a challenging commitment, requiring adherence to the NFTY Brit Kehilla (Code of Conduct) at all times during, and sometimes even outside of, events.  This document’s purpose is to uphold the K’hilah Kedosha (Holy Community) that we are committed to in NFTY and you, as a Regional Board member, are responsible for maintaining this environment of holiness and Kavod (respect).  We are taught in the Babylonian Talmud that “It is not the position that honors the person, but rather the person that honors the position” (Taanit 21b).  In light of this statement, we ask that you be prepared to act in a way brings honor and respect to your position on Regional Board throughout the year, and realize that your actions, even outside of events, are subject to the Brit Kehilla.  Please understand that if a board member fails to fulfill these responsibilities, they will face consequences which may include suspension and/or removal from office.  While we can discuss the practical implications of your conduct outside of NFTY-related activities, please understand that, at the very least, engaging in any illegal activity during your term in office is a violation of this Brit Kehillah.

We again want to congratulate you for considering running for a position on board.  It is your passion and commitment that will take our region to new levels.  Thank you for your dedication up until this point and we are excited to continue working with you.  If you or your parents have any questions regarding positions on the regional board, please feel free to email us. We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Good Luck!

Sarah Neuberger
NFTY-SAR President

Adam Griff
NFTY-SAR Regional Director