Candidate Application Process

Congratulations for considering to run for NFTY-SAR's Regional Board! First, make sure you and your parents have read the Information Letter to Candidates and Parents.

Once you've read the information letter, here is everything you need to know about the election process:

  1. Candidates should read the description of the position in which they are interested.
  2. Candidates should arrange meetings with their Rabbis and Temple Youth Group Advisor to discuss their candidacy for Regional Board. If you do not belong to a congregation or do not have a TYG Advisor, please contact NFTY-SAR Regional Director Adam Griff.
  3. Candidates must also have a conversation with the person who is currently holding the position they intend to run for. This conversation is mandatory and will serve to inform the potential candidate about what exactly the position entails. Conversations can be had in person or over phone, Skype, Oovoo, etc. Text message conversations are not sufficient for fulfilling this requirement. You can find the list of current board members and their email addresses here.
  4. Candidates AND their parent(s) must also participate in a video conference call with Regional Director, Adam Griff and current NFTY-SAR President, Sarah Neuberger, on Tuesday, January 7 at 8:00pm. This is to ensure that the candidate knows expectations about being on regional board ahead of time, and is clear about the realities of the election process.
  5. Prospective candidates must declare their intention to run by filling out the Candidate Information Form no later than December 1, 2019. Then, by January 5, you must submit the following additional materials:
  6. A Platform Sheet is a 1 page (front and back) poster describing your qualifications and goals. Learn more about the platform sheet requirements.
  7. NEW this year - Speeches will be done by video rather than during the event. You'll record a video of yourself delivering a speech about your qualifications and platform, and it will be available for everyone to watch prior to Winter Kallah.
    1. Videos should be 4 minutes for all candidates except President - President candidate videos can be up to 5 minutes.
    2. No fancy editing or backdrops; You can use a prop or sing a song but record it the same way as you’re in real life.
    3. Be sure to record the video horizontally in a quiet place with minimal background noise.
    4. Upload the video to YouTube (you'll need to create a free account if you don't have one). The title of the video should be your name. The description should say "I'm running for POSITION for NFTY-SAR Regional Board 2020-2021."
    5. When you upload the video, please set the "visibility" to "unlisted" and do NOT share the link with anyone. Please email the link to your video to We will post all of the videos on the NFTY-SAR website on Wednesday, January 8th. There should only be a couple of views of your video prior to us publishing the link. Again, please don't share your video with anyone other than
  8. In addition to the Platform Sheet and Speech Video, candidates are invited to submit one optional supplemental item that will help the region see what they've accomplished. For example, a CVP candidate could submit a t-shirt design or slideshow. An RCVP could submit a d'var Torah or Havdallah. Not every position will have an obvious thing to submit, and supplemental items are not required. If you do choose to submit something, it should be easy to see online - most likely it will either be a video on YouTube or Vimeo, or a PDF of a document. You should NOT create something new just for being a candidate - the supplemental item should be something you actually created and used previously. If you have questions about your item, please email
  9. In addition, candidates must discuss their plans to run with:
    1. Your parents
    2. The person currently holding the position
    3. Your youth group advisor
    4. Your rabbi or cantor
  10. After each of the meetings above, please ask the person you met with to email and say in the email: "I have met with ____________ and I support their candidacy for Regional Board 2020-2021"
  11. Candidates will also participate in “meet the candidates” sessions at the event, prior to elections. More details will be disclosed to candidates on the conference call on January 7.

Candidate Information Form is due no later than December 1, 2019.  The Platform Sheet, supplemental materials, and Certification Emails are due by January 5, 2020. They must be received by the NFTY-SAR regional advisor by this date electronically (by email).

The Candidate Information Form is an online form for you to submit. The Platform Sheet and Supplemental Items are to be submitted as PDF files. If you need assistance with that, please contact the Regional Director. Please save each document separately, and name them as follows:

Position-YourName-Supplemental.pdf (optional, could also be a link to a video)

Instructions on how to submit your Speech Video will be posted soon.