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The Regional Board and Regional Advisor are excited to be your partners to help make this year as exciting and meaningful as possible for NFTYites in the Southern Area. We hope the resources posted here will be helpful, and please also contact us directly with any questions or concerns!


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LLTI Electives

The following electives were offered at LLTI. Next to each elective, you'll see the contact info for the leaders, and whether or not there were any handouts. The handouts can all be found here.

ElectiveMaterial CoveredLeaderContact InfoHandouts?
20 in 20: ProgramsSpend 20 minutes coming up with as many creative program ideas as you can!Emily Glatteremiglatter@comcast.netYes
20 in 20: ServicesSpend 20 minutes coming up with as many creative services and Havdallah ideas as you can!Drew Bakersar-rcvp@nfty.orgYes
20 in 20: Social ActionSpend 20 minutes coming up with as many creative social action project ideas as you can!Rachael Davissar-savp@nfty.orgYes
AccountabilityDo what you say, say what you mean, and tools to help you get thereBryan Kellertbkellert@templeemanuelatlanta.comYes
AcroYogaThinking outside the box: using Acroyoga to build leadership skills through communication and trustMara Pricemaraeprice@gmail.comNo
Advocay 101: Phone banking & Social Jusice BloggingLearn the Dos and Don'ts of Social Action blogging and phone banking. Will have the chance to practice phone banking either by contacting your legislators directly or writing your own legislative ask to use in the future.Rachael Davissar-savp@nfty.orgYes
Aseyfah: Making changeAseyfah is not just about elections. Learn about the ins and outs of writing resolutions and amendments.Sam Swire & Adam Griffsswire@templebethel.org, agriff@urj.orgYes
Backpocket games & mixersLearn 3 new games you can use when a program ends early or starts late!Molly Okunmokun@templesinaiatlanta.orgYes
Being a Role ModelDicuss how to Lead By Example, both when you're in front of the room and when you're a participantLexi Cooperlexicooper@bellsouth.netNo
Camp Jenny ApplicationsLearn about how to make your CJ application shine! No guarantee that you'll get in if you go to this sessionLani Chavinilana.chavin@gmail.comNo
Camp Jenny Promotion and FundraisingLearn about the most important things to share when you're talking about Camp Jenny. Learn from successful fundraisers and brainstorm ideas that might work for raising money for CJ in your TYG.Kara Hoffman, Jodi Gilmore, Noah Latzsch, Alyssa Rose, Kara Litwin, Abbie Frankelkhoffman@the-temple.org, lissi.bear.98@gmail.com, jhghello@comcast.net, noah@latzsch.com, abbie.frankel@gmail.comYes
Conflict ResolutionInevitably, part of leadership includes dealing with conflict. Learn some techniques for dealing with conflicts when they do arise.Paige Simunekpaigesimunek@gmail.comNo
Expanding Leadership opportunitiesA youth group led BY THE PEOPLE. Finding ways to have more than just your board be a part of planning and running events. Committees; Shoulder Tapping etc.Drew Bakersar-rcvp@nfty.orgYes
Fundraising & BudgetingLearn how to manage the money you have, create a budget, and raise more funds.Ezra Flomezraflom@kolemeth.netYes
Group LeadingDo's and Don't of Effective Group LeadingSam Swire, Micah Feinsteinsswire@templebethel.org, sar-president@nfty.orgYes
JTMs - Jewish Teachable MomentsDon't miss the opportunities to integrate Judaism and Hebrew into your events.Elizabeth Foster & Tania Yegelwelefoster@the-temple.org, tania@taniashana.comYes
Managing a Board or CommitteeKeep your board or committee on track with effective communicationAaron Schwartzaaron.schwartz19@bellsouth.netNo
Marketing your EventsUsing a variety of tools and channels to get people excited about your programsVal Lightsar-cvp@nfty.orgYes
Mastering the Teachlearning and practicing how to teach and lead a songJacob Shippeljacobshippel@gmail.comNo
Membership Rosters and DatabasesLearn how to create and use your roster and database effectively to increase membership and retention.Lexi Morrissar-mvp@nfty.orgNo
NFTY 678Hear how congregations around the region are working to engage 6-8th graders and how you can help!Elizabeth Foster, Becca Ferry, Bryan Kellertefoster@the-temple.org, bkellert@templeemanuelatlanta.com, rebeccamferry@yahoo.comYes
Our favorite "F" word: Flexibility!Discuss how to keep your cool and adapt your program when things don't quite go according to plan!Alyssa Roselissi.bear.98@gmail.comNo
Outreach vs. RecruitmentLearn tips for approaching new members and making them feel welcome in your TYG and at programs. Discuss how to create diverse programs that appeal to the teens that AREN'T currently coming to your events. Discuss the differences between outreach and recruitment techniques.Lexi Morrissar-mvp@nfty.orgNo
Partnering with adultsDiscuss the appropriate roles of teens and adults in running your youth group. Learn about effective strategies for working together, including tips for using email.Bobbee Griff and Drew Bakersar-rcvp@nfty.org, youth@bethtikvah.comYes
Planning an event from A to ZThe most successful events are planned far in advance. Learn how to "backwards calendar" to set deadlines and action items in planning a program or event. You will also learn about how to delegate tasks, work with committees, and how to partner with your advisor and other adults to make your program a success!Oded Wilson, Molly Okunmokun@templesinaiatlanta.org, cdttyadvisor@gmail.comYes
ProFo: How to Writeup a ProgramLearn how to write a program using the NFTY program formatHallie Wright & Daniel Markshalliemichelle67@yahoo.com, danielpresliermarks@gmail.comYes
Programming 201 - Understanding by DesignCreate meaningful programs by planning with the end goal in mind.Hannah Greenblat and Melanie Archersar-pvp@nfty.org, melanie@kkbe.orgYes
Public SpeakingLearn how to control a room, get people's attention, and get your message across efficiently and effectively!Tania Yegelwel & Val Lighttania@taniashana.com, sar-cvp@nfty.orgNo
SMART GoalsEffective goal setting strategyBryan Kellertbkellert@templeemanuelatlanta.comYes
Social Media Do's and Don'tsWe learned how to properly present yourself and your TYG through social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat by learning basic internet etiquette.Abbie Frankelabbie.frankel@gmail.comNo
Stop yelling and start engagingParticipants will learn meaningful techniques to get the attention of a crowd. Walk away with ideas on how to keep people engaged in programs.Melanie Archermelanie@kkbe.orgYes
The Art of the Song SessionWhat makes a good song sesh and how to plan oneSarah Jacobssar-songleader@nfty.orgNo
Time Management & Staying organizedHow to balance your NFTY, family, extra-curriculurs and school work; Learn to keep yourself organized with simple yet powerful toolsHannah Greenblat & Oded Wilsoncdttyadvisor@gmail.com, sar-pvp@nfty.orgNo
Writing and Delivering an awesome Election SpeechLearn how to prepare and execute a great speech for elections and beyond!Micah Feinsteinsar-president@nfty.orgNo