Dear parents of 6-8th graders,

It’s time for NFTY-SAR Hatikvah Kallah 2020!!!

“Wait, was that even English?”  Let’s translate!

NFTY – The North American Federation of Temple Youth (the youth arm of the Union for Reform Judaism)

SAR – The Southern Area Region (which we belong to) – Georgia, South Carolina, Montgomery, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Charlotte, and Chattanooga

Kallah – A Kallah is a convention, a gathering of youth from around our region for a weekend of teen-created educational, spiritual, and of course social activities.  At a Kallah teens worship together, learn from interesting and exciting programs, participate in a social action project, and of course have tons of fun.

Hatikvah – The annual Kallah for 6-8th graders in NFTY-SAR!!

At NFTY-SAR Hatikvah Kallah, your children can make lasting relationships with other Jewish teens from around the southeast!  Hatikvah Kallah 2020 will take place March 13-15, 2020 at Camp Thunderbird in Lake Wylic, SC . The event will begin at 5pm on Friday, March 13th and will conclude at 10am on Sunday, March 15th.  This event is only for 6-8th graders in the NFTY-SAR region. 

 You can find pricing, bus stop info, deadlines and more on the Event Webpage.

Ask any of your youth group’s teens and they will tell you, your 6-8th grader should go to HATIKVAH KALLAH! They will have an awesome weekend!

QUESTIONS?? Feel free to contact your youth director, Rabbi, or the Regional Director, Adam Griff,

Good things to know:


For kids from Atlanta, NFTY-SAR organizes buses and you can pay for the bus when you register for the event. For other cities, check with your advisor or rabbi about details – most synagogues arrange for a bus, van, or carpool. Can’t find a ride? Contact and we’ll try to help!

 HOUSING:  Activities will take place at Camp Thunderbird. Participants will be housed in cabins with approximately 10 other middle schoolers and 1 college student or adult. Your middle schoolers are allowed to make housing requests when you register for the event. This sometimes makes kids nervous – staying in a cabin with people they don’t know. From both personal experience (and now seeing LOTS of teens go through this), we can tell you that it is one of the best ways that your middle schooler will make wonderful and long-lasting friends!

PARENT TESTIMONIAL (from a parent in the NFTY-SAR Region):

“Our son attended Hatikvah Kallah when he was in 8th grade.  Like a lot of parents of 14 year old boys, we weren’t anticipating that we would hear much about his weekend.  Our only hope was that he would enjoy it and that maybe he would be interested in attending future events.  We had no idea how this event would change him.  We still remember the day when we saw him get off the bus after returning from Hatikvah Kallah.  Our son’s face was beaming.  We asked him if he had a good time and he said “Oh yeah!”  He then proceeded to tell us DETAILS about the weekend including who he stayed with, the programs he attended and the services that he took part in.  He was so pumped up!

Since attending Hatikvah Kallah, our son has participated in every NFTY-SAR regional Kallah and is currently on the Senior Youth Group Board. We’ve often asked our advisor how we could get some of the NFTY secret sauce for our son’s involvement with NFTY truly sparked something in him that has motivated him like nothing we have ever seen.  He is passionate about Judaism and eagerly participates in Temple life. We strongly urge you to consider sending your child to Hatikvah Kallah.  You will be amazed to see what one weekend spent with 100+ Jewish teens will do for your child.  You will not be disappointed!”


“Before Hatikvah Kallah, I was a nervous mess. I was so frightened that I would not make any friends or that nobody would like me. Most of all, I was scared that I would not like NFTY. When I arrived at Hatikvah Kallah, I was greeted by complete strangers. I had no idea that the people that were surrounding me would soon be my best friends. The people that I was surrounded with were the most caring and inclusive people I had ever met. I had an incredible weekend. You should go to Hatikvah Kallah this year because attending kallot are life changing experiences. Attending Hatikvah Kallah will help you make new friends and help you find your Jewish identity. I recommend that you attend Hatikvah!”