Blog  2021-2022 NFTY-SAR Regional Board Candidates

2021-2022 NFTY-SAR Regional Board Candidates

NFTY-SAR Elections will be held virtually on Friday, March 19 and Saturday, March 20. Register at

Please contact NFTY-SAR President Annabelle Maltsbarger or NFTY South Area Manager Rabbi Andrew Terkel with any questions.



Candidates for President:

Joey Morris

Shalom NFTY-SAR! My name is Joey Morris, and I am running for your 5781-5782 Regional President. I am from Jacksonville, Florida and for the past two years I have been a part of JAFTY on board as President and PVP, and I have served as your Co-Head Groupleader and Subregional Event Chair on Extended Leadership. At school, I am the Jewish Student Union Founder and President. I am so excited for the year to come!

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Lily Ragals

Shalom NFTY-SAR! My name is Lily Ragals and I am so thrilled to be running for your 2021-2022 President! I’m a junior from Dunwoody, GA and am a proud member of TEFTY (go turtles!). Outside of NFTY events, you can find me binging Schitts Creek, cooking, or spending time with my dog. I’m currently serving as your Regional Membership Vice President and am so excited to continue this NFTY journey helping and leading this community.

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Candidates for Programming Vice President:

Stella Smolowitz

Shalom NFTY-SAR! I’m Stella Smolowitz and I’m running to be your 5781-5782 Programming Vice President! I’m a junior from LIBERTY and I live in Charlotte, NC! I’ve been involved in NFTY since 6th grade and I’ve fallen in love with the community. Some things I like to do outside of NFTY are scrapbooking, running, watching sunsets with friends, and playing with my dog!

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Candidates for Social Action Vice President:

Lola Bessoff

Hey, SAR!  I’m Lola Bessoff and I’m super excited to be running for social action vice president! I’m a Junior at River Ridge High School in Atlanta. I love spending time with my Temple youth group, HOTTY, and I’m currently serving my third term on board. When I’m not at school or with NFTY SAR, I’ll probably be hiking, jamming out to One Direction, or rewatching the entire series of New Girl. Love you, SAR!

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Candidates for Religious and Cultural Vice President:

Savannah Garst

Shalom NFTY SAR!! My name is Savannah Garst, and I am so excited to be your Religious and Cultural Vice President for the ​5781-5782 year. I am in GREFTY, the TYG out of Greenville, and I have been MVP, as well as President of GREFTY. Besides my involvement with NFTY and GREFTY, in my free time you can find me at the lake, thrifting, or hanging out with friends. Feel free to reach out anytime- I would love to talk to each one of yall!! I am so excited to make this year “Sweet as Honey, ” NFTY SAR.

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Candidates for Membership Vice President:


Candidates for Communications Vice President:

Emily Adamo

Shalom NFTY SAR! My name is Emily Adamo and I am running to be your 2021-2022 Regional CVP! I live in Charlotte, NC and am a junior at Weddington High School. I’m a proud LIBERTYite and am currently serving my second term on board! I love spending time with friends and family, watching cheesy rom-coms and playing around with my camera (which you’ll almost never find me without) I love you, SARites!

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