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Hatikvah Kallah 2019 Recap

Hatikvah Kallah 2019 was a huge success!

Don’t take our word for it – here are some of our favorite comments from the Sunday morning survey:

So, what actually happened at Hatikvah Kallah? Here’s a summary with a few photos to help tell the story!

Friday evening

As participants arrived, they were greeted by our amazing high school Hatikvah Helpers and escorted to their cabins. When they returned to the dining hall, they played games to start to get to know people.

After dinner, the weekend officially began as our Regional Board, dressed up as the SARvengers “broke” the theme of the weekend. The evil super-villain Thanos was trying to take over the universe. The Hatikvah participants would have to work together to collect the infinity stones and work together to defeat Thanos!

After the opening skit, participants played get to know you games with the people from their cabin. Then cabins combined into teams and worked together to reveal the superhero for their team. The evening continue with Kabbalat Shabbat services and then a few games where they had a chance to earn points for their team. The evening ended (as do virtually all evenings at NFTY-SAR events) with “siyyum” or closing circle, as we sang Sh’ma and Hashkiveinu before heading to our cabins.


Saturday was a day filled with choices! After breakfast, participants got to choose from several different prayer options, including a Lego service, a brain teasers service, a drumming service, and more! We then gathered together for the Torah service.

After services, participants could choose from several Israel themed activities, including making chocolate balls, pretending to serve in the IDF, doing a Dead Sea science experiment, and more. After lunch, we had a ruach (spirit)-filled song session and then took a nap! During the afternoon, our programming was a little more serious. Continuing with the theme of choices, participants examined choices they’ll have to make when confronting issues such as anti-semitism, bullying, and vaping, and how they might choose to use social media. The program concluded with a values-based activity where participants made sand-art to represent the values that connect with their strengths. The program use the Period Table of Mensches – be sure to check it out online here! After the program, participants had the chance to make some lighter choices about which freetime activity to go to!

Saturday night & Sunday morning

After dinner on Saturday, Thanos returned to steal the infinity stones! It was up to our teams to participate in MACvengers (a mini-color wars) to defeat Thanos once and for all. Teams competed in Knockerball, trivia, tug of war, and more as they earned points for their team. Of course only one team could win (Go Spiderman!). Saturday night concluded with a dance party and Havdallah. On Sunday, we heard from some of our upperclassmen about their NFTY journeys as we closed our weekend. Watch videos of Havdallah and Closing Circle on our Facebook page!

And that’s a wrap! Can’t wait to see all of our 8th-12th graders at Spring Kallah on April 12-14!