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Hatikvah Kallah Recruitment Ambassadors

We’re excited to experiment this year with a new leadership opportunity for our TYGs – we’re hoping to have a Hatikvah Kallah Recruitment Ambassador from each TYG. Their main responsibility will be to speak to your middle school students (probably making presentations to religious school classes) and tell them about NFTY and Hatikvah Kallah. Hatikvah Ambassadors will get priority if they apply to be Hatikvah Helpers (the high schoolers that help run Hatikvah Kallah).

We’re asking each TYG  to identify who from your TYG will be in charge of Hatikvah Recruitment by Sunday, December 9th. We realize this is very soon, but we just came up with this idea and we really want to try it!

Keep in mind, your Hatikvah Recruitment Ambassador could be your president, MVP, or anyone else from your board, or it could be a non-board member who connects well with middle schoolers. If you’d like to have 2 ambassadors, that’s fine too!

We are offering a training call for all Recruitment Ambassadors on Monday, December 10th at 9pm EST (for about 30 minutes). We’ll go over talking points for Hatikvah, and give some suggestions on how to talk to potential participants.

Once you’ve identified your Recruitment Chair, please fill out this simple form to tell us their name, cell phone, and email address.

Thanks for your partnership in making Hatikvah 2019 the biggest and best yet!

PS. We’ll be sending you ready-to-print flyers for you to use and distribute to your 6th-8th grade religious school students.