Blog  Spring Kallah – Track overviews

Spring Kallah – Track overviews


Items to bring:

  1. Comfortable clothing for hiking and ropes course
  2. Closed-toed shoes
  3. Small backpack for hike
  4. Water bottle (really important!)
  5. Hat (recommended)
  6. Sunscreen and bug spray


  • Our track will be split into 2 groups. One group will do the hike in the morning and the ropes course in the afternoon. The other group will do ropes in the morning and hiking in the afternoon.
  • The group that hikes in the morning will eat lunch while hiking and most likely not be back at camp until after song session.
  • The group that hikes in the afternoon will be back at camp a little later than the other tracks’ end time, and will miss the first few minutes of mand-opts.
  • Here’s the schedule for the 2 groups:
Group A (hike first) Group B (ropes first)

11am - load bus, leave camp

11:20-1pm - Hike

11am - 1pm - ropes course

1pm - eat lunch near trailhead

1:25pm - bus picks up group and returns to camp

1:55pm - back at camp

1pm - eat lunch

1:15pm - song session (might still be eating)

2:00pm - 4pm - ropes course

1:55 - load bus, leave camp

2:15-3:45 - hike

3:50 - bus picks up group and returns to camp

4:10 - back at camp


To bring:

  1. REALLY IMPORTANT: for one of the projects we’ll be doing we need lots of random objects. Please bring a grocery bag filled with random stuff from your house that you don’t need anymore - it can be broken toys, puzzle pieces, spare parts/screws/hardware, old computer equipment, postcards, magazines, really just about anything!
  2. Clothes that you don’t mind if they get paint on them

General overview:

  • Saturday after services - we’re working with graffiti artists from Artists 4 Israel!
  • Saturday after lunch - workshop with Hanoch Piven, creating portraits from found objects

Mind Body Soul

To bring:

  1. yoga mat or an extra towel
  2. comfortable clothes for walking/hiking
  3. bug spray
  4. closed-toed shoes
  5. water bottle

General overview:

  • We’re so excited to welcome an educator and two teen leaders from Eden Village Camp to help facilitate this track!
  • During the morning block, we’ll be learning about mindfulness and participating in several hands-on activities
  • During the afternoon block, we’ll be going on a nature walk that will include several activities along the way!

Social Action

To bring:

  1. Clothes that can get dirty (some of us will be painting and/or planting flowers
  2. Water bottle

General overview:

  • During the block after services, we’re doing a program with Sandy Roberts and several teens from Whitwell Middle School, home of the Children’s Holocaust Memorial.
  • We’ll be leaving camp by bus to go to our offsite project from 12:15-3:45pm – we’ll be working with an organization called Circle of Hope, which provides services for victims of domestic violence. We’ll split up and help with several projects, including organizing their thrift store, painting a mural, and setting up their children’s room.

**Are you artistic?? Want to help design the mural?? Send Hannah a text at 770-655-9492!**

  • Please note, because of the timing of the offsite project, we will be packing lunches and eating lunch at the offsite location. We will be back at camp in time for free time / mand-opts but we will unfortunately miss song session. Don’t worry though, we’ll do lots of singing on the bus!


To bring:

  1. Athletic clothes
  2. Sneakers
  3. Water bottle
  4. Sunscreen

General overview:

  • During the block after services, we’re doing a program with Brian Curtis, a New York Times bestselling author, former television reporter and host, speaker and consultant.
  • During the block after lunch, we have a program with Sam Zewdie, an Ethiopian Israeli former professional basketball player, who is a partner and managing director of the company MyPlay, offering smart and innovative video solutions for all sports. Then we’ll have a leadership program with Jillian Baach from 6 Points Sports Academy.
  • During both blocks, there will be open sports time where you can choose from several different sport options!