Blog  Looking forward to Winter Kallah!

Looking forward to Winter Kallah!

At Fall Kallah, I was reminded of what a community is. Although we were devastated to have some of that community miss the Kallah because of Hurricane Irma, it made us stronger to think of our friends and to rethink how we could support them. Throughout the weekend, I was able to lead multiple programs and that made me realize how supportive and engaged SARites are. We came together at different points throughout the weekend even though all of us had our own choices about what activities we participated in during the day. At these times, we appreciated coming together and got to catch up with our friends. Having these different opportunities also allowed people to bring different things back to their Temple Youth Groups, or TYGs.

As a region, we had many opportunities to bond with people from several different TYGs from all over SAR. Through programs, song sessions, and mand-opts, SARites were able to bond and talk to their best friends. In one program, the Amazing Stampede, groups were assigned to complete several activities. The team worked together and listened to each other in order complete the challenging tasks. After the Amazing Stampede, we had a festival with music, food, and games. During the song Wonderwall, everyone was dancing with their friends in different clumps. All of a sudden, the whole region had put their arms around each other and opened up into a big circle. This was the moment that I knew why NFTY is my favorite thing in the world. It is a place where we are all united and stand together. It is a place where we support each other and we know that we can rely on everyone else.

At Winter Kallah, we will once again be joined by our whole NFTY-SAR community. We will get to explore the beautiful city of Charlotte with our best friends at our sides. Justin Lederman from CDTTY and Alex Olinger from LIBERTY say that they are most looking forward to seeing their friends who they only get to see a few times a year. At Winter Kallah, everyone will have a say in the 2018-2019 NFTY-SAR regional board. Ilana Mermelstein from HOTTY says that her favorite part of elections is to see people from SAR stand up and speak confidently about what they are passionate about. In addition to elections, there will be many opportunities to meet new people and to experience NFTY like at Fall Kallah. There are many different and amazing programs to participate in and new experiences that SARites have not yet enjoyed. Lindsey Kessler from SCRUFY is looking forward to the offsite activity because it is something we haven’t done in a while with SAR. Winter Kallah is going to be an event that you won’t want to miss!