Blog  Fall Kallah – don’t miss it!

Fall Kallah – don’t miss it!

NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah registration ends in 5 days! Fall Kallah is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends from around the region and to see ones you’ve met at past kallot! This year, Fall Kallah is being held at Camp Coleman, so Coleman kids get to go visit home again. Fall Kallah is a great way to kick off the year and to experience the amazing programming put together by the teen planning committees. It’s an exciting and fun way to learn new things about Judaism, social action, and leadership with all of your friends by your side. I asked a couple of NFTYites to write about what they are looking forward to at this Fall Kallah.

“Ever since my first Kallah in 9th grade, I have been so involved in NFTY and made so many amazing and close friends! I cannot wait to be reunited with my family. I cannot wait to go back home and feel the love, the energy, and the Judaism all over again! I’m so pumped for Fall Kallah!” -Josh N. (Junior)

“Why am I excited to go to NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah? Because I get to continue my bond with my religion and my friends all in the same weekend. Kallot are the only time I get to reignite my passion for Judaic studies that I do not get to experience at home. I am beyond excited to FALL more in love with something that is an integral part of me.” -Olivia P. (Jewnior)

Overall, Fall Kallah is a great opportunity to learn about key Jewish values and to get introduced or reintroduced to the NFTY community. The bonds and sense of community that are built at the first Kallah of the year are unbreakable, and the activities and programs are unforgettable.

Register online by Wednesday, August 16 to make sure you have a spot and avoid late registration fees!

Sarah Neuberger