Blog  Resolutions to be presented at Spring Kallah

Resolutions to be presented at Spring Kallah

NFTY-SAR has a rich history of traditions and customs. These traditions and customs are part of what makes our community sacred and unique. But, as change occurs, sometimes our way of doing things needs to evolve.

Some of our ways of doing things are codified in our NFTY-SAR Constitution. Our constitution also lays out a process for change – including the mechanism for creating resolutions and amendments. At Spring Kallah, several resolutions will be presented, that for the most part simply encourage change to be considered. None of the resolutions will change anything themselves, they are meant to encourage a thoughtful process for debate and implementation over the coming months. Here are the resolutions that will be presented:

Voting Resolution

Membership Resolution

Regional Officer Qualifications Resolution

Expanded Leadership Resolution

Please discuss these with your TYG in preparation for a debate and vote at Spring Kallah! If you have any questions, please contact Micah Feinstein or Adam Griff.