Blog  Our future is solid: Perspective and Reflections by a senior

Our future is solid: Perspective and Reflections by a senior

Last weekend, I was a teen helper at Hatikvah Kallah. While there, I saw so many kids do what I was never able to do during my first few Kallot- blindly jump in and have the time of their lives, while having no reservations about what they were doing. They were looking forward, moving with purpose and excitement. This was accompanied by a insatiable curiosity over how teen leadership worked at all levels of NFTY and how they could stay connected to the people they’d met while waiting for the next Kallah to come around. When the end of the weekend came around, the bittersweet tears further solidified my faith in the next generation.

As a senior in NFTY-SAR, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so proud to be leaving SAR in the amazing hands of this next generation, and I can’t wait to hear about the leadership and the kehila kedosha that they will create in NFTY in the coming years.

-Lee Daniel, Senior, Temple Beth-El, Charlotte, NC