Blog  Inspiring the next generation: Hatikvah Kallah 2016 Recap

Inspiring the next generation: Hatikvah Kallah 2016 Recap

This past weekend I attended Hativah Kallah for the 3rd time, but this time I was a teen helper rather than a participant. This year’s Hativah Kallah was at Temple Kol Emeth, which was where I went to my first NFTY-SAR Kallah! Being a helper allowed me to influence the future of NFTY-SAR. The whole weekend I was connecting with the middle schoolers; sitting with them at meals and services, and hanging out with them at the Saturday night program. On Saturday, I got to lead two programs to teach the middle schoolers what to expect for next year; the first was a NFTY 101 program and the other was social action based. For the NFTY 101 program, I was chosen to speck about the ruach (spirit) in SAR and teach the kids our cheers, which was a ton of fun! In the social action program, I led a station on homelessness where the kids made PB&J sandwiches to donate to a local homeless shelter. Overall I had a great weekend and I can’t wait to see some of the 8th graders
at Spring Kallah!

– Hannah Greenblat, 11th grader, Congregation Dor Tamid, Johns Creek, GA