Blog  Snowy Wisconsin Weekend = North American Connections and Generational Leadership

Snowy Wisconsin Weekend = North American Connections and Generational Leadership

NFTY Veida is one of the two general board meetings that include all regional leaders from all nineteen regions of NFTY. This year, Veida was held in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin over President’s Day Weekend. During this event, the next North American Board was elected and networks were given the opportunity to meet for the first time since Mechina (regional board training), in June. After Mechina, my eyes were opened to all the amazing things NFTY is capable of on a North American level and I had been counting down to Veida ever since. Despite the negative temperatures and heavy snowfall, Veida was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had since being elected to serve on regional board. My personal favorite moment of the weekend was caucus time discussing North American Board elections. This year, each region had the opportunity to bring other leaders in their region currently not holding regional leadership positions. Our board was one of the only regions to take underclassmen – Charlie Forstein and Jake Forstein, two freshmen, and Emily Glatter, a sophomore. During caucus time, it was inspiring to see the interest our delegation was taking in not only legislation but elections on the North American level. It made me feel confident that the future of NFTY-SAR is in good hands and that the three members of our delegation, along with the rest of our incredible region, is going to make positive and impactful changes in SAR and in NFTY. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this year’s general board and see first hand all the wonderful and new changes NFTY is going to experience in the years to come!

~Lizzy Newman, 2015-2016 NFTY-SAR Communications VP