Blog  Regional Board 2016-2017 Election Packets Now Available

Regional Board 2016-2017 Election Packets Now Available

Wow! What a semester it has been already! Believe it or not, Winter Regional is right around the corner and with Winter comes Regional Board Elections. The Regional Board and I are so excited about all of the enthusiasm we have heard from so many who are passionate about leading our region forward. The first step for anyone interested in running is to open the attached packet, read it carefully, and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Running for and serving on Regional Board is an experience not to be entered into lightly, but also one that will have a meaningful impact for anyone who ventures forward. It has been such an incredible joy to get to work with this year’s board as we have learned, taught, and grown together and I cannot wait to hear from all of the candidates who are excited about the possibilities they see for NFTY SAR’s future. For all of you who jump in with two feet, win or lose, good luck. Your impact of NFTY SAR will be lasting, and the impact NFTY SAR has on you will last forever.

Anna Roberto, NFTY SAR Interim Advisor

SAR Elections Packet 2016-2017