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  • 4 Upcoming Zoom Calls

    Announcing…4 opportunities to connect to the regional leadership and ask questions and have meaningful conversations! Calls 1 & 2 will be forums to discuss the Regional Event calendar for the next 2 years, including the locations and timing of events, opportunities for partial attendance, transportation, etc. Click here to register for either of the Event

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  • Hatikvah Kallah Recruitment Ambassadors

    We’re excited to experiment this year with a new leadership opportunity for our TYGs – we’re hoping to have a Hatikvah Kallah Recruitment Ambassador from each TYG. Their main responsibility will be to speak to your middle school students (probably making presentations to religious school classes) and tell them about NFTY and Hatikvah Kallah. Hatikvah Ambassadors will get priority if they apply to be Hatikvah Helpers (the high schoolers that help run Hatikvah Kallah).

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