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  • 16-17 Regbo at Kutz

    Get Ready for LLTI!

    NFTY-SAR, we can’t wait to welcome you to LLTI this weekend! Here are some important things to know about as you prepare for the weekend: Networks and Electives New for this year, there will be several opportunities for participants to choose leadership electives that aren’t limited to their network/position. Also

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  • Spring-Kallah_2016 T-shirt Design_Page_1

    Spring Kallah Dashboard

    NFTY-SAR’s 2016 Spring Kallah was a huge success! Here are a few links as a follow-up to the weekend: POST EVENT SURVEY: Please answer this short 5-question survey about the event, and help us continue to improve NFTY for the future! NORTH CAROLINA HB2: Help us to continue to fight

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