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  • Hatikvah Kallah 2019 Recap

    Hatikvah Kallah 2019 was a huge success! Don’t take our word for it – here are some of our favorite comments from the Sunday morning survey: So, what actually happened at Hatikvah Kallah? Here’s a summary with a few photos to help tell the story! Friday evening As participants arrived, they were greeted by our

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  • D’var Torah: Tetzaveh

    This d’var Torah was submitted by Kiera Schneiderman from LIBERTY to the Blickstein D’var Torah Competition at NFTY Convention 2019. Tetzaveh means command. I command you to listen to me right now. Notice how I addressed you without saying your name. Tetzaveh is the only portion after Moses’s birth in which Moses’s name is not

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